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Hello person, who I don't trust! Welcome to my wiki.

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Welcome to the Fascist Goy's wiki. This will show you everything about me!

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  • new page Myth Confirmed
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: Yo ladies and boys, the future vision came true! And no one noticed!
  • new page About Me
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: All I can say is I'm a fucking IDIOT. OL.
  • edit Future Of Suss
    edited by Fascistgoy diff
  • new page Future Of Suss
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: I plan to Suss (server) in mid 2018. I want this event to come as a complete shock to the 0-1 players online at the time. I think that would be a...
  • new page Origin Of Fascist Goy
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: I changed my name to this in like 2015 or 2017 or something. I don't know. I did it so that it would be a hilarious prank when I turn out to actually...
  • new page Suss
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: I'm the creator of Suss. Owner since 2016, I have plunged Suss so far down into the ratings, no-one wants anything to do with me or the server.
  • new page Fascist Goy
    created by Fascistgoy
    New page: Since Suss, I've released a lot of pictures of myself. Below are all the pictures I released.
    Added photos:
  • edit Fascist Goy Wiki
    edited by Fascistgoy diff
    Summary: Welcome to the Wiki:
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Sannse


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